Isnin, 28 Januari 2013

BEINI: WEP/WPA Penetration tools

For Newbie who knows nothing about WiFi Hacking.. this software is the key (with the right hardware) to achieve the main goal.. a free hacked wifi access.

Software nie sesuai untuk newbie di luar sana memandangkan ia lebih mudah berbanding Backtrack sebab BT memerlukan skill manual berbanding beini nih yang rata² automatic... al-maklomlah, tujuannya hanyalah satu.. "WIFI FREE". Selalunya software nie datang sekali dalam CD kalau beli WIFI Booster.. aku tak pernah la cuba sebab aku pakai handphone ja kalau nak connect the internet.

So SIMPLE.. just take a minute to do this..

1) Burn into CD or DVD or bootable USB
2) Insert the burned disk
3) Restart your PC
4) Beini will start and select
5) Select Feedingbottle app.
6) Click Yes.
7) Select your PC wireless card, click next (REALTEK/RALINK)
7) Scan and wait 30 second
8) Select the name of your modem, click next
9) at AR** Replay Attack, Change to Forge Fragmentation, check Fake Auth
10) Click Start and wait until done ( This take longer if your Modem Security is High)
11) You can change to windows again after you click logout

Note: This is affective against WEP, WPA will take longer or may not succeed because it is highly secured line

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