Khamis, 9 Ogos 2012

Applikasi - IOS6 GUI Apple untuk Windows anda

Anda bosan dengan user interface (antaramuka) windows anda?? mahukan sesuatu yang berbeza dari orang lain?? selalunya theme cuma tukar wallpaper dan bunyi. ada yang tukar start bar dan ikon sahaja.. tetapi kali nie iOS6 Skin Pack 3.0 tukarkan windows anda menjadi Apple sepenuhnya.. well not actually full tapi seakan-akan jer la.. mana boleh Microsoft jadi Apple kan? hehe!! tapi ok la.. Jangan lupa klik "like" and continue to read this article..

Software INFO:
iOS6 Skin Pack 3.0 for Windows 7 x86/x64 | 52.24 MB

iOS6 Skin Pack allows owners of the Windows 7 interface to transform this system into an analogue of the sixth version of Apple iOS (Apple iOS - a mobile OS developed by Apple based on the first Mac OS X for iPhone, and eventually extended to support mobile devices such as the Apple iPod Touch, iPad, and Apple TV).

All the components that make up this theme, will install a completely automatically and without your intervention as soon as the installer (x86 or x64 - respectively the bit of your system). After installation, restart Windows, and can immediately enjoy the result.
Before installing the theme off User Account Control, and close all running programs. After completing installation, you must reboot the system.
For quick and correct installation iOS6 Skin Pack must be removed (if they have been previously installed), or other other versions of packages to customize the interface (Skin Packs).

Supported operating systems:
Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1 - X86/X64 - all system languages - all versions
Programs that fall in this topic:
- Resource Hacker 3.6
- Moveex 1.0 by Alexander Frink
- Universal Theme Patcher by deepxw
- Win7BootUpdater v0 Beta 1 by jeff
- RocketDock 1.3.5 by PunkLabs
- UberIcon 1.0.4 by PunkLabs
- Y'z Shadow 2.3 beta3 by M.Yamaguchi
- Icon by David Lanham refresh by hamed
- Boot by zangio refresh by hamed
- IOS Theme by xpng refresh by hamed
- Shutoff 1.6 by nookian
- DesktopFast 1.0 by vhanla
- Finger by Matias Moreno
- Xwidget 1.5 & XLaunchPad 1.0.7 by Xwidgetsoft
- Full Glass Theme by bodik87 refresh by hamed
- Lock Screen by Raphael Bucher


Step 1: unpack rar archive
Step 2: run the setup
Step 3: Enjoy and Support Developers, Buy It, They Deserved It!

Pastikan anda mempunyai RAM yang cukup Ok.. sekurangnya-kurangnya 1GB DDR RAM ataupun sekurang-kurangnya Graphic Card 1GB untuk kelancaran themes ini. Kalau lembab, boleh la disable mana-mana yang anda rasa tak perlu seperti rocketdock @ Xwidget tuh.. Its a fully customized themes :) Selamat menchoba OK :)

Download sini:
4shared : iOS6 Skin Pack 3.0 for Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)---PMS.tgz

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